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“There’s really strong evidence that engagement with traditional print is greater than engagement with so-called new media.”

Sir Martin Sorrell – Chief Executive, WPP


Results and ROI

Print media prompts people to take action to search for more information and to buy products. Advertisers using print today can be confident that their investment pays back. In an age of countless ways to communicate with consumers, magazines and newspapers retain their place in the premier league of effectiveness. At an overall level, they are still the second most effective medium after television, delivering impressive levels of sales and profit. And when print takes the lead in a campaign, it leads the way in effectiveness.



We regularly secure rates discounted by 80% or more.

Top advertising opportunities in Print


Sainsbury’s Magazine offers great coverage of ABC1’s adults aged 25-54. It is the widest-read fully paid-for monthly in Britain with a staggering 3.1 million readers. 32% of readers do not read any other monthly title, meaning they are primed to receive advertising offers. It offers a trusted reader environment; ideal for promoting products.


A weekly glimpse into the world of celebrities in a glossy, image-led format. OK! prides itself on being ‘first for celebrity news’. It builds relationships with prominent figures in the world of film, TV and entertainment to make sure that it always gets the scoop. OK! outsells its nearest rivals because of its exciting mix of all the latest on-trend stories and images.


S Magazine is a fashion and lifestyle magazine which is published with the Sunday Express every week. The magazine contains a mix of celebrity contributors, topical editorial and shopping led pieces. Advertisers appreciate the fact it has a full 7-day television guide, which ensures S Magazine remains as a reference throughout the week.


BBC Good Food magazine has a loyal readership predominantly between the ages of 35 to 44. Your print advertising will benefit from the “Halo effect” of being seen on a BBC website with renowned for quality and authority. Advertisers enjoy an extended shelf life as back issues of often treasured for many months after the on sale date.

Top advertising opportunities in Online


Guardian users are affluent, young urban consumers with a keen sense of adventure when it comes to trying new products and experiences. They have varied interests and their high disposable incomes give them the means to keep up with their sports, hobbies and travel. Banner advertising in a variety of formats are available.

goodhousekeeping is the online home for the UK’s biggest selling women’s monthly lifestyle magazine. The site attracts over 250,000 unique users each month and covers the very latest trusted consumer advice, independent product reviews and triple-tested recipes, plus insight, inspiration and advice that really matter to its visitors.


Cosmopolitan is an extraordinary magazine with an amazingly close relationship with its readers. They are fun and fashionable, intensely loyal and love discovering new things. Cosmopolitan readers spend the most amount of money on fashion than any other title in the market. £1 in every £14 spent on fashion is from the purse of a Cosmo reader.

elle is a leading fashion & lifestyle website reflecting the values of its ever popular magazine brand. Elle has unparalleled access to world-renowned designers. Its website is sexy, stylish and spirited; inspiring visitors to celebrate their individuality and create their own style. Various ad banner formats available.


The Telegraph audience can be summarised in four words: Affluent, Loyal, Influential and Elusive. Response-orientated advertisers appreciate the spending power of this ABC1 demographic audience especially those who are aiming at the upper end of their respective markets. It is a natural marketplace for premium priced goods and services.

atgeo is an award-winning website attracting more than 26 million unique visitors a month. It offers advertisers best-in-class high quality and original content. The website captivates a passionate audience of digital consumers with on-demand news, photography, and video. It is ideal for reaching high worth individuals.


Country Living’s UK website attracts a growing audience seeking to escape of the rigours of everyday life. It covers home decoration and interior design, food, family and entertaining. The website provides a unique, insightful and engaging content. Late banner ad opportunities to reach this affluent audience are often available.

About us

Late Space is an ad agency which specialises in last-minute advertising opportunities in well-known newspapers and magazines. We are the print subdivision of Web Windows Marketing Limited, formed in 2002 and with offices in Peterborough, London and New York. Although our focus is traditional media, we are a thoroughly modern agency focusing our services on results-oriented print advertising. We have very strong relationships with some of the UK’s largest media owners and as a result, are regularly offered advertising space at considerably reduced rates. We pride ourselves on our independence and are therefore able to offer unbiased recommendations based as to which advertising opportunities are likely to generate the most ROI. More often than not, we tend to recommend publications which offer high coverage and a strong reader relationships.


Media Buying Department

Late Space media buyers have got extensive contacts with all the mainstream media companies. In many cases, we are their first port of call when they have late space to shift. We have a number of past employees who have been head-hunted to work for national newspapers and vice-versa. The bottom line is that we can secure better deals that most other agencies in the market and this means your advertising budget will go that much further.

Creative Department

Late Space employs five very creative designers who can produce fabulously designed print ads, even against the tightest of deadlines. Obviously, to take advantage of late ad space opportunities you need relevant copy produced in a format which the publisher can accept. Our designers can either work to a full brief or alternatively just a few key pointers and leave the rest to them. They produce their best work under pressure.

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